Nesstra specializes in the supply of polyurethane chemicals for foam production. We represent world-class manufacturers of polyol and TDI, including Shell Chemicals, Borsodchem, Mitsui and Vencorex. Our innovative use of bulk containers for the supply of polyol has delivered considerable cost savings to many customers. In addition to this, by having foam producers within the Hitti group we are in a unique position to advise on foam formulations and to provide other technical advice and assistance to our customers.

Nesstra is also the sole distributor in Africa for Laader Berg, the world’s leading manufacturer of high quality foam production machines. The adaptability to specific customer needs, and their focus on the reduction of waste means that they are very cost-effective and therefore a vital addition to any foaming operation seeking to achieve a competitive advantage in their market. In addition to this, Nesstra also can also supply all the other machinery needed in the mattress industry. Our customers are welcome to visit our sister company Ashfoam in Ghana to see the latest machines in operation.

We also have a distribution agreement with Momentive, leading supplier of additives used in the industry, and can supply all the other materials required for mattress-making, including kraft paper, ticking and springs.

Nesstra is unique amongst suppliers in giving the complete range of chemicals, machinery and services required in foam production. A list of the products we can offer is included under products.


Nesstra supplies a variety of plastics for a wide range of industries. These incude PVC, HDPE, LDPE and Polypropylene, which are sourced from some of the world’s leading manufacturers of these products. As well as benefiting from the knowledge and sales expertise of our in-house staff, we can draw on the practical experience of the manufacturing companies in our group Duraplast (extrusion moulding in Ghana and Niger) and Qualiplast (injection moulding in Ghana) to deliver advice and added value for our customers in a competitive market. A list of the plastics products we can offer is included under products.

Basic Chemicals

Nesstra is able to supply of a wide variety of basic chemicals raw materials with a variety of end uses, such as sulphuric acid, calcium carbonate and caustic soda. We have an experienced and knowledgeable sales team and excellent long term relationships with a range of well-known producers, enabling us to source product from different parts of the world to suit customers’ preferences. A list of the basic chemicals we can offer is included under products.

Engineering and Contruction

Nesstra has for many years been a distributor in West Africa for ABB and Alfa Laval. ABB products are mainly used in the power sector for electricity transmission and distribution, and include transformers, relays, variable speed drives and switchgear. We also have a workshop in Ghana for the assembly of control panels, which can be tailored to the needs of customers in the construction industry. Alfa Laval is the world’s leading producer of separators, used widely in the mining sector.

We also supply quality generator sets of varying power to meet the needs of all types of businesses.

A list of the technical products we can offer is included under products.

Paints and Glues

Nesstra are sole distributors in Ghana for BASF of Suvinil paints (for construction) and Kaurit Glue (used in the plywood industry).