Nesstra is a customer focused company, and as such we pride ourselves on providing the very best logistics support to our customers, relieving them of the worries and complexities that can sometimes be faced with international deliveries.

At Nesstra we are fully aware of the importance of ensuring your order is delivered to you safely, and we will provide the necessary support to ensure the process runs smoothly. Our Logistics team in the UK will source the products, arrange shipment, and track the progress of the order until we know that your delivery has arrived securely. We will ensure as far as possible that the shipping line used is the most appropriate for the destination in terms of transit time and cost effectiveness.

We believe that good communication is vital in delivering the highest level of customer service. Throughout the delivery process our Logistics team will continually monitor your shipment, and ensure that you are always kept up-to-date with accurate, relevant and timely information about your order.

We always strive to find the most cost-effective solutions, and in recent years we have enabled many of our polyol customers to achieve considerable cost savings by arranging deliveries in isotanks instead of the traditional steel drums. We will continue to expand this service to other customers, and to continuously seek other innovative means to help all our clients achieve the competitive advantages they need to succeed in their markets.

At Nesstra we know that Health and Safety is paramount. It is our policy to provide the full health and safety documentation, as well as all other necessary product information.